Levin™ Solstar Solar Panel Charger 5000mAh Rain-resistant and Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack for iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPods(Apple Adapters not Included), Samsung Galaxy S5 S4, S3, S2, Note 3, Note 2, Most Kinds of Android Smart Phones,Windows phone and More Other Devices (yellow)

Enjoy this summer with Solstar!

Found by a group of 90's who love life and advocate science, Levin devotes to offering green, safe and smart energy, developing fashionable and creative electronics for global customers, focusing on improving customers' on-line shopping experience.

Why Solstar?

Solstar captures more sunlight than conventional solar panels, which means it generate more electricity per panel, and we use less panel to produce the energy you need. The result? With Solstar, you needn't worry your devices run off power, enjoy the greatest happiness during your travel.

Best Design

Compact size design for portability, with the free hook, you may just hang it on your bagpack when outdoors. Football grain makes it full of a sense of sport. Rain/Dirt/Shockproof feature protects the device from damaging.

Highest Quality

Grade A cell and premium microchips ensure it rapid charging and 1000 recharge cyclelife, We use only the best, premium, monocrystalline silicon with a patented treatment to optimize energy conversion. Silicone case guarantees it function smoothly when crashing.

Most Environment Friendly

Solstar captures more sunlight and converts this light into energy more efficiently, provide endless juice for your devices, completely replacing pollutional battery pack to protect environment.

Worry-free Warranty

12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase from Levin™ .

Proffessional technical support, Efficient and always satisfied customer service all the year .

  1. Stephen M. Charme June 21, 2014 at 8:26 am

    Nice sport charger I received this in yellow at no cost in exchange for writing a review. Here are my comments.1. I like the way this looks and feels. It’s relatively compact ( 5 1/2 x 2 7/8 x 1/2 inches) and has an attractive rugged plastic case that is supposed to be water resistant and shockproof and impervious to dirt.2. This is rated at 5000mAh and has dual 1A USB ports as well as a built in flashlight.3. Included is a micro USB charging cable along with both regular and lightning Apple adapter heads, plus a carabiner clip to carry this.4. There are four LED indicator lights to show the battery status. A green light comes on to indicate solar charging, and goes off when the unit is fully charged.Note: The directions state: “Solar charging only for emergency, please avoid prolonged exposure under the burning sun.” However, in response to my original 4 star review noting this limitation, the seller contacted me to say that the reference to…

  2. Ali Julia June 21, 2014 at 8:29 am

    I keep it outside during the day, use to recharge my MP3 player at night I like the shape and the feel of this battery. The battery is 5.5″L x 2.75″W, and 0.5″ thick. It has a loop at the of the case and comes with carabiner so you can hang it on a branch or a backpack. Its weight is 5.3 oz. The charger has two ports. The ports are unlabelled but my current meter shows that they are both same and generate about 1A. This external battery has a built-in flash light. The flashlight is not bright but better than nothing in emergency. The battery is rated as 5000 mAh. Since some power during charging is lost to inefficiencies (such as heat) it will provide approximately 3750 mAh. I was able charge my phone with 3800mAh extended battery from almost empty to full.This package include a micro usb cable, and two tips: lightening connector and iPad connector. The tips work, however I prefer one piece cables because these tips are quite easy to loose.To test how whether proof this battery is I left it outside on…

  3. MARK S KOPPENHOEFER June 21, 2014 at 8:52 am

    Good product but a few things to look out for First things first: the solar panel…works! But slowly. Took 4-5 days (some sunny, some overcast) to fully charge. Seems reasonable given the size of the solar panel.Also, one of those days there was an enormous downpour…I thought this thing was ruined…non-responsive for at-least an hour. Then it was fine. Yay!Only reason I’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is that I’m questioning the capacity. My iPhone 5c has a ~1,500 mAh battery…and this thing says 5000mAh…so I should get at-least 3 full charges out of it. After two full charges (with phone in airplane mode), I’m down to one blinking light. Given that, I’ll be surprised if I get another full charge out of it (but I remain open-minded). Will update rating if warranted.Update: charger was basically dead after 2nd charge of iPhone 5c (got it from 1% to 4%). Again, phone was in airplane mode while charging. Seller contacted me after first review with all the song and dance…

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